January 2020. Pink, blue and green "Barbie" print fabric is a matching outfit. Introduced in 1959, Barbie Doll’s popularity, as well as the number of outfits and accessories available, soared in the 1960s. Mattel reproduced #1632 & #1649 in a Barbie & Midge 50th Anniversary gift set There fleecy robe with sash, pink open toe heels with blue pompons, pink scale, How to Lose The white lace bodice was sleeveless and the light pink taffeta skirt was covered with fuchsia chiffon. and a gray serving tray. pots with lids, pink vinyl belt, The outfit included a white rabbit stole, long white tricot gloves, red open-toed shoes and a chain necklace with a single “pearl.”. The skirt of the dress, just below a plastic red belt with a gold buckle, was a series of thin hounds-tooth stripes. belt, blue globe on white pedestal, black pointer silver tipped, blue geography book, The waistline had a floral appliqué. The outfit had a matching pillbox hat and turquoise pumps. Quick View Barbie® Fashion Pack - Floral Dress, Striped T-Shirt, Animal-Print Skirt, Plaid Top, Piano Key Purse and Necklace Opens a popup. SCHOOL GIRL (1965) (Skipper outfit #1921) black belt, white dotted rose accented hat and white dotted purse, long white tricot gloves, black open toe heels. The pajamas, with blue trim stitching on the sleeves and down the front, also had a white pocket with blue trim. Sleeveless red sheath dress, red jacket with faux Vacation Time (#1623, 1965); a light pink, bulky pullover v-neck sweater matched up with white cotton shorts printed with a pink-check pattern. Christie repeated, also new were the twelve Sew Free Fashions. Outdoor Life (#1637, 1965); light turquoise blue, short-sleeved top with blue and white small hounds tooth print striped pants. These 1600 and 1400 series costumes are some of the most highly sought and valued in the Barbie vintage fashions - and hard to find as well. Doll Marks | Doll Values. Modern Art (#1625, 1965); pale green cotton, sleeveless dress where the wide, darker green organza collar covered the shoulders. skintone pantyhose, white skates with silver blades. Jamie | with blue lenses, closed toe pumps in olive green, silver trophy, poodle parade 1634 NRFB and Mint c. 1965, Status: SOLD, Category: Dolls:Vintage Dolls, Shop: Denise Van Patten Dolls, Description: Barbie Learns To Cook is extremely hard to find mint and complete, and even harder to find never removed from its original box! Offer dates may be extended in Mattel’s sole and absolute discretion. 1963-1967   Miscellaneous, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Auctions | Books | Values, All trademarks are respective of their owners and have no affiliation to this website, Doll Reference  © Copyright 2021 Matinee Fashion (#1640, 1965); sleeveless red sheath dress with braided trim and a short jacket with leopard print “fur” that fit over the dress bodice. It is in great condition with no holes or issues. belt, white clutch, long white tricot gloves, white open toe heels. Exclusive to this Layette set; pink tricot baby wrap, white eyelet christening gown Some older outfits were slightly modified for 1965: Going Bowling and American Airlines Captain were given extras, Roller Skate Beige with a print sheath dress, matching coat with fringed scarf, matching A gold clutch purse, long white gloves and closed-toe white pumps went with the outfit. A hot pink plastic belt, light blue pumps and kitchen utensils were included in the set, as well as three “metal” pots and lids in different sizes, a double-boiler, tea kettle, toaster (and toast! This gorgeous 1965 vintage Barbie Outfit #1634 includes the extremely roses in a bouquet, silver trophy with "B" monogram, and graduated pink pearl pale blue closed toe heels, potholder in same "Barbie" print fabric Barbie Learns to Cook was a white short-sleeved full-skirted dress that fell above the knees; it was patterned with pink, blue, green and orange-colored flowers and Barbie in script letters. HTF pink cotton candy on a stick. Click & Collect. Accessories included red pumps, black eyeglasses, a tiny plastic (world) globe, blackboard pointer and a geography “book.”. Saved by Linda Lee. £77.23 + £43.36 postage. Navy taffeta sheath dress with matching scarf, white sleeveless jacket, gold Black label. Julia | Pastel rainbow pleated sleeveless dress, wooden croquet Barbie Gift sets | Sleeping Pretty (#1636, 1965); light blue, nylon spaghetti strap nightgown with white lace appliqués on the bodice. Skipper has a matching outfit called 1915 Outdoor Casuals 1965. Brad & Curtis  11 1/4" Barbie Fashions 2-Pack Clothing Set, 2 Outfits for Barbie Doll Include Floral Wide-Legged Pants, a Yellow Bandeau Top, Pink Gingham Dress and 2 Accessories, for Kids 3 to 8 Years Old. Glossary | . Fun at the Fair (#1624, 1965); short-sleeved white blouse with a pattern of red, blue and green flowers and Barbie written in script — the same material used for the Barbie Learns to Cook (#1634) dress. Barbie has twenty new outfits in 1966, five from the prior year were repeated. and cloth purse. 0 bids. 32 new outfits for Barbie Doll were available in 1965 and 15 were repeated from previous seasons. Golden Glory (#1645, 1965-1966); long, slender evening dress of off-white with gold floral lamé print. check coat, purse with poodle on front, pink dickey, pink scarf, brown sunglasses Barbie Miscellaneous Barbie got thirty-three new outfits this year, one gift set, one Sears Exclusive and fifteen outfits from last year were repeated, also new were the twelve Sew Free Fashions. 6 1/4" Dolls Included with the outfit were long white tricot gloves, a “pearl” necklace, blue open-toed shoes and a silver clutch purse. £5.20 postage. two silver colored candelabras with pink painted candles, a blue bowl of fabric flowers, (#4010 Dining Room has the blue bowl but with fruit in it) Knit Hit (#1621, 1965); two-piece knit dress – the bottom was a dark navy blue and the top was long-sleeved with a round collar. Smoke free home.

shirred bodice lined in pale blue taffeta with tweed skirt, matching One piece red knit and hounds tooth red and white long sleeve dress, red shiny plastic hip 1034 Barbie's Hostess set 1965: 1614 Junior Prom1965 : 1615 Saturday Matinee 1965: 1616 Campus Sweetheart 1965: 1617 Midnight . Gold taffeta long evening dress with tangerine velvet coat, matching velvet Chris, Todd, Buffy, Pretty Pairs, Carla. Dec 16, 2013 - Introduced in 1959, Barbie Doll’s popularity, as well as the number of outfits and accessories available, soared in the 1960s. Forum | Like the earlier 1963 set 953, (953 which is shown with the apron) this set also includes; a pink floral bassinet with floral liner, pink lace trimmed pillow, blue stripe flannel blanket, blonde hair jointed baby doll dressed in a diaper, with two extra white diaper's each with a pin, pink dot bed jacket, a white baby bottle, one book blue "Barbie's Baby Sitter's Manual'. Sleeveless gold and white knit sheath dress, short sleeve In 1965 both Barbie and Midge have new American Girl pageboy hair styles and Strapless gown with black bodice and white slim long skirt with gold floral black three-quarter coat, long matching black evening skirt, black evening purse, white dot blouse, red and black crystal necklace Play Barbie. Light blue nylon sheer gown with lace trim on bodice, Nov 18, 2016 - No new Fashion Paks were produced for 1965, but Mattel released some really lovely Ensemble Paks, including my all-time favourite Holiday. Photo Fashion (#1648, 1965); turquoise bulk knit sweater, turquoise stretchy-pants, matching dickey, squishy flats and camera. These Barbies featured molded, painted hair with three interchangeable wigs: a red flip style, brunette pageboy, and blonde bubble. 1964. Children could decorate the dress with various flower appliqués in yellow, purple, red and orange. Red sleeveless chiffon gown, white Doll Auctions | Great 1965 european booklet from 1965. first prize certificate. New Fashion Pak items, accessories and outfits were on the way for Barbie and her friends. A long, blue, sleeveless vest with a back collar flap (that had white star appliqués on both ends) fastened on each side with four gold buttons. £3.30 postage. Miss America | gift set, white graduated pearl necklace and silver dimpled clutch purse. Pink and white gingham check dress with a full skirt and big white collar with rose floral appliqué, pink vinyl belt, blue phonograph, rabbit stole lined in white satin, white long tricot gloves, pearl on a chain necklace, red open toe heels. Both In Good Condition. Blue short sleeve knit top, blue and white check Long white tricot gloves, fuchsia open-toed shoes and a “pearl” drop necklace completed the set. Country Club Dance (#1627, 1965); this short evening dress of white had gold spaghetti straps, gold diagonal stripes across the bodice and two lines of short, alternately diagonal stripes near the bottom. From shop VerasHouse. Nov 17, 2016 - No new Fashion Paks were produced for 1965, but Mattel released some really lovely Ensemble Paks, including my all-time favourite Holiday. Campus Sweetheart (#1616, 1965); white satin, strapless, full-skirted gown with separate red and pink tulle panels that were fashioned at the waist. outfit as a reproduction or reproduced dressed dolls in  2007. gown with a silver lame` bodice, blue satin full skirt, topped by Japanese | necklace. The jacket closed in the back; on the front hip was a sprig of greenery with light blue flower buds. barbie ambulance care clinic . 0 bids. attached at the waist, red open toe heels, long white gloves, six red satin tweed hat trimmed with a big brim of brown fur, long brown tricot Skipper  Mattel released this outfit as a reproduction The dress came with a green belt and matching closed-toe pumps, a tiny metal iron and a "How to Design Your Own Fashions" book. item 2 VINTAGE 1965 BARBIE #1640 MATINEE FASHION COMPLETE 2 - VINTAGE 1965 BARBIE #1640 MATINEE FASHION COMPLETE. Sleeveless sun dress with full skirt in yellow with print butterflies on the Click & Collect. Ken has a matching outfit 1415 Mr. Astronaut 1965. For Sale | reproduction dressed doll by Mattel in 2007 as a set with the Sleepy Time Gal outfit. Turquoise print full skirt sun dress, matching scarf Blue sundress with full skirt, grosgrain ribbon sash, bolero jacket, blue purse, gold belt and clear open toe heels. The long matching coat had a green lining and fur-trimmed neckline. Some older outfits were slightly modified for 1965: Going Bowling and American Airlines Captain were given extras, Roller Skate Stacey | Steffie & Babs | Holiday Dance (#1639, 1965-1966); white and metallic gold horizontal-striped evening gown with orange braid straps and an orange chiffon sash with wide ribbons. The back of the skirt had two panels; red satin with white lining and when worn with the red satin overcoat (with a white “fur” collar and two “diamond” accents) the long panels on the front of the coat matched the ones on the dress. This hub sure brings back some childhood memories. and bonnet, blue "Barbie's Baby Sitter Manual" border, matching shawl, long black tricot gloves, black open toe heels. Chris, Todd, Buffy, Pretty Pairs, Carla, Clothing  Pink slippers with blue pompoms, a blue comb and brush set, six Barbie pins, six pink plastic rollers, a cardboard weight scale and a "How to Lose Weight" book were included in the set. is also a Midnight Red and Midnight Pink sold only on the foreign and red matching earrings, Barbie and Ken were ready to blast out of this world and Mattel was ready to blast into 1966. The ladies had a new Fashion Pak with a variety of shoes (#1833) as well as Barbie’s Hostess Set (#1034). Mattel | Bild Lilli | Saturday Matinee (#1615, 1965); this two-piece suit – a slender sheath skirt and long waist-fitting jacket – was made of a brown and metallic-gold tweed, maroon-tinted fabric. 1965 was a high-fashion year! Clothing Tags | In 1965 I got my first and only Barbie doll. £6.70. faux fur trim coat, pink net ruffled half length slip and either light pink open toe shoes or clear open toe heels. Apr 15, 2020 - 1965 The Outfits - Something About The Boy. Pink bulky knit v-neck sweater, pink & white mini-check shorts, black camera painted Two piece navy and green argyle knit dress, copy of "The Mattel Daily newspaper", soft red flat shoes. VINTAGE MATTEL 1965 TUTTI PLAY CASE W/DOLL Plantin' Posies Outfit # 3607 1967. 1965 was a high-fashion … Ages: 3 years and up. full skirt dress, toaster, double boiler pot and lid, three Barbie Clothes  Vintage Barbie Crisp ‘N Cool #1604 (1964-1965} Saved by barbaras_attic. Amazing how they managed to use every scrap of fabric! Turquoise knit long sleeved sweater with big collar, (not shown; cotton turquoise lid. Add to List Opens a popup Barbie® Fashion Pack - Floral Dress, Striped T-Shirt, Animal-Print Skirt, Plaid Top, Piano Key Purse and Necklace Find at Retail Offered price of the product is $ 9.99. PJ | Barbie (omitted the slip)  Rare | three travel brochures; Hawaii, Mexico, Niagara Falls. Seven pieces to mix n match; white with tiny black polka dot sheath dress, 95 £21.59 £21.59. Barbie’s Hostess Set included kitchen and household items, a plastic record player and two Barbie “records.”. Some older outfits were slightly modified for 1965: Going Bowling and American Airlines Captain were given extras, Roller Skate | Casey & Twiggy, 9 1/4" Dolls  In 2010, Mattel issued a Fashion Queen Reproduction as part of the My Favorite Barbie series. Pink taffeta and chiffon jumpsuit, pink and silver Beautiful gloves, graduated white pearl necklace, gold clutch purse and brown Turquoise sheath with green zig-zag skirt border, multi color floral satin The suits had brown-painted details in the legs, abdomen and wrists. jacket with half gold vinyl belt, gold dimpled clutch purse, white closed toe pumps, not shown are the short  white tricot gloves, white graduated pearl collar, white long gloves, bright blue open toe heels, Mar 9, 2018 - *1965 Fashion me' n my doll Skipper outfit 2 #1913. . closed toe spikes. Fraternity Dance (#1638, 1965); an evening gown of lace, taffeta and chiffon. Kelley & Cara, Clone Dolls  Mar 29, 2017 - No new Fashion Paks were produced for 1965, but Mattel released some really lovely Ensemble Paks, including my all-time favourite Holiday. Aboard Ship (#1631, 1965); long sleeve knitted dress — the top was patterned with horizontal stripes of red, white and light blue. lame tabard or tunic, silver vinyl belt, clear open toe shoes with silver glitte, two pink cups, two pink saucers, silver teapot with Barbie Learns to Cook (#1634, 1965); the pattern was the same but the colors were different from the dress in the Barbie’s Hostess Set. a blue satin cape lined in white satin with a large white fake fur  Tutti, Disc Date (#1633, 1965); white organdy-lined blouse with attached panty, puffy three-quarter length sleeves and ruffles down the bodice. £50.00. Accessories included short white gloves, clear shoes with glitter and a green silk clutch purse with gold-threaded braiding in its center. Invitation to Tea(#1632, 1965); the same outfit as in Barbie’s Hostess Set, this ensemble was a pink jumpsuit with a long pink and silver lamé – threaded collared vest, a silver metallic belt and clear, glittered open-toed shoes. Pink satin pajama top, pink satin bottom, pink Barbie Learns To Cook, in a darker Barbie printed fabric dress, red open toe heels. Skipper Accessories included a matching hat, brown open-toed shoes, short brown tricot gloves and a gold purse with fur trim. Junior Prom (#1614, 1965); full length red chiffon sleeveless gown lined in red silk with a ruffled hem. Pale turquoise linen sleeveless dress with brown plastic belt, beige tweed Invitation to Tea (#1632, 1965); the same outfit as in Barbie’s Hostess Set, this ensemble was a pink jumpsuit with a long pink and silver lamé – threaded collared vest, a silver metallic belt and clear, glittered open-toed shoes. £3.10 postage. | 1966-1968 | 1969-1970 | Francie | In 1965, along with new doll-friends for Barbie’s little sister, Skipper, Mattel introduced the bendable-leg American Girl Barbie and American Girl Midge. leopard fur trim, red hat with scarf, red closed toe pumps. coat, turquoise clutch bag and brown open toe heels. Barbie Baby-Sits (#0953, 1965); an updated version from the 1963/1964 release … no Barbie dress or apron but the set contained new and repeated accessories and a white christening gown for the baby. in 2013. scarf, white sunglasses with blue lenses and white open toe heels. Nov 17, 2016 - No new Fashion Paks were produced for 1965, but Mattel released some really lovely Ensemble Paks, including my all-time favourite Holiday. same as 1676 Fabulous Fashion 1966-1967 Barbie Familie Barbie-puppe Haus Barbie Kleider Barbie Leben Barbie Und Ken Vintage Barbie Party Vintage Barbie Kleidung Puppenkleidung Handarbeiten. Saved from somethingabouttheboy.com. and formula recipe card. appliqués, a silver metal iron, "How to Design Your Own Fashions" yellow book, green plastic belt, green spike closed toe heels. The Invitation to Tea outfit was a red jumpsuit with a long red and gold lamé–threaded collared vest, gold metallic belt and glittered open-toed shoes. 0 bids. Mattel, Geneza (1965). The matching sheer nylon robe had puffed sleeves, “pearl” buttons and appliqués and a white ribbon at the waist. Skater’s Waltz (#1629, 1965-1966); long-sleeved pink knit leotard with matching short circle skirt. #1632 Invitation to Tea in a red version, clear gold glitter open toe shoes, #1634 White satin gown with red and pink tulle panels The waist was tied with a double chiffon sash in bright blue and green and fastened with a gold “amethyst” pin. or reproduced dressed doll in 1996. or 1675 Sunday Visit 1966-1967 (no short gloves or pearl necklace). blouse, red wrap skirt with Barbie print fabric lining and pocket, "Barbie" print scarf, red tennis shoes with white soles,  Dancing Doll (#1626, 1965); sleeveless white, full-skirted dress with a pink gingham pattern and a white collar that covered the shoulders — the collar had pink flower appliqués on it. In 1965 both Barbie and Midge have new American Girl pageboy hair styles and have bendable legs for posing. Turquoise sheath dress with floral bodice, matching matching robe, light blue open toe heels, with matching blue pompons, blue satin pillow with a pearl in the center and lace trim, white brush. market and are very, very hard to find. Pink leotard with pink felt attached skirt, pink fleecy collar with pink ties, pink fleecy mittens, Skipper | necklace. Blue cotton sheath dress with matching short sleeve jacket that closed in the "Barbie Easy As Pie cookbook". Golden tweed jacket with attached scarf Miss Astronaut (#1641) and Mr. Astronaut (#1415) had Barbie and Ken in silver fabric spacesuits, each with brown plastic straps at the shoulders and across the chest. 12" Dolls Ken 1964-1965 turquoise sleeveless jacket, turquoise hat, turquoise closed toe heels, black plastic camera. include the dickey or camera. or Best Offer. jacket, blue and white hounds tooth pants, HTF white hat, white tennis shoes. :D The repeated outfits were: It’s Cold Outside (#0819), Cinderella (#0872), Guinevere (#0873), Barbie Arabian Nights (yes, “nights” instead of “knights,” #0874), Drum Majorette (#0875), Cheerleader (#0876), Red Flare (#0939), Bride’s Dream (#0947), Stormy Weather (#0949), Barbie Baby-Sits (#0953), Pajama Party (#1601), Crisp ‘N Cool (#1604), Barbie Skin Diver (#1608), Black Magic (#1609), and Dogs ‘N Duds (#1613). Rose floral print dress with overlay of green organza, green closed toe pump shoes, sailboat painting with Barbie signature, The outfit came with long white tricot gloves, a string of “pearls,” a gold metallic clutch purse and white pumps. Red satin and pink chiffon gown, red satin and white Ending 16 Oct at 7:33PM BST 6d 7h.

This is a Vintage 1965 Skipper Complete Day at the Fair outfit. 1966 Doll Marking | Long white tricot gloves, red open-toed shoes, a string of pink “pearls,” a bouquet of red, satin roses and a silver metal trophy cup (embossed with the initial “B”) were included in the package. Play Barbie *1965 Fashion me' n my doll Skipper outfit 2 #1913. The gold Barbie Dolls Fashion, fantasy, amazing careers, there’s a Barbie for every imagination Shop now Barbie Playsets Get ready for endless adventures with Barbie playsets and accessories Shop now Fashionista dolls With more skin tones, hairstyles and body types than ever before, your little trend-setter will love being best friends with the Fashionistas! 1965 was the year that Barbie and Ken went to the moon! Compare Compare. | Allan | clothes, use ebay sold listings, 11 1/2" Dolls  Barbie | The set came with matching slippers, a blue satin pillow and a plastic comb and brush set. mallet, ball,  two metal stakes with painted trim, two metal wickets. orange show program that reads "Mattel Art Gallery presents paintings by Barbie ©1964 Mattel  Inc. Japan". From shop clarysage. Accessories included orange pumps, a plastic coffee pot and three plastic “casserole” dishes with lids and a matching handle. faux fur trim coat, pink net ruffled half length slip and either light pink open toe shoes or clear open toe heels. one Sears Exclusive and fifteen outfits from last year were Rare Barbie Dolls  1959-1962  The jacket had six gold buttons spanning the length of the double-breasted bodice. 9. The outfit, from the Sears 1965 catalog (but not Mattel’s catalog) was repeated in 1966 without the dickey, shoes and camera (#1671 Sporting Casuals). A full pink tulle slip with a ruffled hem and pink open-toed shoes came with the outfit. record, red labeled record. Formal gown with a white lace lined bodice, pink taffeta skirt with fuchsia chiffon overskirt and a sash of green and blue with a gold brooch attached, long white tricot gloves, pearl on a chain necklace, fuchsia open toe heels. Junior Designer (#1620, 1965-1967); a simple, sleeveless, turquoise sheath dress with green stripes and zigzag printing. item 3 VINTAGE Barbie 1965 RARE Matinee Fashion … A plastic “camera” was included. The accessories for this outfit were a patch of matching green closed-toe shoes, orange program that said “Mattel Art Gallery Presents Paintings by Barbie” and a miniature landscape painting in a gold and white plastic frame. Forum | Doll Glossary | Blue nautical dress with knit striped long sleeve top, matching blue vest, red vinyl belt, black plastic camera, red closed toe pump heels, travel poster, £1.50 postage. Extras included a pink plastic belt, white closed-toe shoes, a blue plastic record player and two Barbie records; one red label, the other in blue. #1910 Sunny Pastel for Skipper The short-sleeved, widespread jacket had a metallic gold belt attached to the front of it; the back was full. 1646 Magnificence 1965 Favorite Add to Vintage 60s Simplicity 4883 Barbie outfits clarysage. Vintage Mattel Barbie Outfit~1990's Summer Fashion Set~Clothes & Accessories. Sheer white organdy lined body blouse with three-quarter *Offer is valid at Barbie.mattel.com and at participating retailers (Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Kohl’s) in all 50 states of the United States. White taffeta gown with blue and green flowers, matching shawl, white vinyl The waist down was a darker blue in layered pleats. Two piece skirt and jacket in tweed and gold flecked fabric with real fur on jacket collar and cuffs, matching turban hat, short brown tricot gloves, gold and fur purse on gold tone chain (this purse came as a pak item too), brown open toe heels. Title: Barbie Learns To Cook Vintage Outfit No. Vintage Barbie Doll Clothes Fashions 1965 - Thirty-three outfits, twelve Sew Free outfits, one Hostess gift set, one Sears Exclusive, plus the twenty-one pak items from 1964 were repeated. This outfit is same as # 1671 from 1966 which did not socal72girl has uploaded 5041 photos to Flickr. Jan 30, 2013 - Explore socal72girl's photos on Flickr. all rights reserved including photos & content, Tutti, Same design is same as 951 Senior Prom. Each outfit included a sheer American flag on a wooden stick. White cotton dress with multi-print butterflies and orange ric-rac trim, orange closed toe pump heels, casserole handle, large casserole dish with lid, medium casserole dish with lid, small casserole Fashion Queen Barbie. Mattel released the Sleepy Time outfit along with the Fashion Editor Short white gloves, matching pumps and a dimpled-gold metallic purse finished off the outfit. Silver space suit, white plastic helmet, brown White and gold striped gown with gold spaghetti straps, orange chiffon sash with translucent gold beads accent, long white tricot gloves, gold dimpled clutch purse, white closed toe pumps. skirt, matching short sleeve jacket and purse. Ginger