I've done it! VEGETA: (starts growling inside the healing tank). Meanwhile, Goku finishes his training and prepares for his arrival on Namek. VEGETA: All right. Promise me that under no circumstance will you go anywhere near Frieza! (holds out a note). KING KAI: Goku, no. Krillin then appears and mistakes Ginyu as Goku before getting informed by Gohan that Ginyu is not Goku. They should be here somewhere. Meta example, starting in mid-season two, the opening narration would be given to a character about to die during the episode. Could you go fix that? When in posession of Goku's body, Ginyu speaks with a very pronounced lisp. VEGETA: Oh, I thought I smelled body glitter... ZARBON: (to Krillin) You, the short one over there. Antfish, MasakoX (Goku's body), "And now...the Dance of Solitude!" (disconnects Space Skype and drops back down to floor level) Come again? I'll go look for Vegeta, he won’t get far! Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force) - 50% ATK+DEF Support to Ginyu Force category allies - Raises all Extreme Class allies attack by 30% on his 18 ki super - Shares a fair number of common attack links with all members of the team ... Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. VEGETA: Not so fast, he's handing the ball over to me! Leaving his comrades to deal with Vegeta and the others, Ginyu flies off to delivers the DragonBalls to Freeza. When Jeice points out that Ginyu's max power level is only 120,000, Ginyu immediately dives into the water before popping back out. Unknown This is nothing like Vegeta; it is much, much worse. ZARBON: Did... (narrows his eyes) Did I what? ♪I've got a lovely bunch of Dragon Balls, do-do-do-do-do♪ Jeice then warns Ginyu not to underestimate him because he was strong enough to take down Recoome and Burter without breaking a sweat and immediately gets punched in the face by Goku, leading Ginyu to become displeased about Jeice forgetting to his previous advice about dodging. "Because if he can't, we don't stand a chance against Vegeta." FRIEZA: (speaking to Captain Ginyu in the Space Skype) And I want you here in twenty-four hours, understood? MONSTROUS ZARBON: But... Vegeta, please... Just give me a chance... We could work together... VEGETA: Yeah, yeah, I've heard that bit already. Now let me put this in a way you'll understand: I’m about to blow my load all over your insides. VEGETA: (narrows his eyes) Freaky Alien Genotype... DENDE: You've been around for so long. ♪All as big as my head!♪ He cares about his soldiers and was deeply upset when all of them died, even asking for a moment to grieve. The Ginyu Force later confronts Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin and steals all five DragonBalls Vegeta has previously acquired. Despite their defeat, all members of the Ginyu Force reappeared during the fight with Frieza. I just need to spot the bastard! If Piccolo is on the team Freeza then heads off to the area while Ginyu stays behind to guard the seven DragonBalls. He is a proclaimed wresler and all of his attacks start with "Recoome". But now, you're all ours. (flicks his long hair behind him). Mmm, tastes like healing! The cover shows the Ginyu Force's Attack Balls landing on Namek. He is known as the strongest person in Freeza's army, with a power level second only to Freeza himself. Occupation A strong showman, Ginyu has a flare for dramatic posing in everything he does, a practice he claims is done to boost the morale of his troops. How the hell did he even do that?! (eyes start glowing red). However, Goku notices a frog in his hand and throws it at the direction of the blast, leading Ginyu to accidentally swap bodies with a frog. After all, the Ginyu Force is an elite squad within the Frieza Force!" (fires a ki blast, blasting a hole through the ship), (cuts to outer space, with five space pods seen flying to Planet Namek). KRILLIN: Yeah, yeah, I know, in the cave, get over it. APPULE: Well, it's a good thing you got him to me when you did. I might as well hide under a rock. Perfect. It's taken me five whole days, but I'm finally up to a hundred times gravity! BULMA: (stumbles and falls on her back) (quickly speaking) SON OF A BITCH! I j... (eyes widen) Wait, what do you mean by that? Seriously! ZARBON: Who drives it hard now? Mine! WAH HA HA HA HA HA! Now promise me you will not fight him! With Peter Kelamis, Saffron Henderson, Terry Klassen, Brian Drummond. I'm taking your Dragon Ball. (starts laughing). GOKU: ...sixty-nine, seventy, seventy-... VEGETA: ...one time you've defeated me, Zarbon. Directed by Daisuke Nishio. (Zarbon starts flying while dragging Vegeta). Gender VEGETA: (groggily) My power is maximum... (cuts to an outside view of Frieza's ship and then inside with Appule playing Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 while Vegeta is seen inside a healing tank). BULMA: Well, I would if I didn't keep finding puddles of--. (cuts to Gohan flying in the air and holding a Dragon Ball). I just wanna grab him and... (cuts to Goku doing upside down curl ups in his spaceship). Race Likewise, Goku retains Ginyu's voice after the switch, with Antfish adopting Goku's mannerisms. This carries over to when he is bodyswapped with Goku. I'm just checking... his vitals. Ginyu then informs Freeza to use his scouter to search for any surviving Namekians, which he uses to find three Namekians in an area that was left untouched by his forces. Vegeta catches up with Krillin and Gohan, and Krillin heads him off while Gohan visits Guru. Ginyu Special Squad!! ♪Give them a toss♪ Feeling upset about the loss of his teammates, Ginyu states that they must not allow this to go unabated and must see their job through as professionals and decides to take matters into his own hands by accompanying Jeice to confront the new fighter. (sees the note) It just says "Dear Frieza", and it's a picture of a butt. I swear to God, if this is George Takei again, I'm gonna shove a brick up the Verizon guy's ass. "I expected no less. That was the most fun I've had in a long while." He also often refers to himself in the third person. As Vegeta prepares to finish off Ginyu by charging at him, Ginyu attempts to use his body changing technique again to switch bodies with Vegeta. APPULE: (while playing as himself and beating up Bardock) Take that, you bastard! ZARBON: Nothing's changed, Vegeta. (tapping sound of a microphone is heard again) Is it on? ZARBON: Oh, how cute, he's having a little dream. "Operation: Dodoria Drop" (silhouette)"A Lovely Bunch of Dragonballs" (in person) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ZARBON: Well it matters to me, because, frankly it sounds like you thought I was--. KING KAI: (telepathically) Ah, there you are, Goku. Nice job!" ZARBON: Lord Frieza, I really need to use the Space Skype. , Sanjou!! The last time we fought you were barely alive when I retrieved your body. Captain Ginyu the frog met up with Bulma, who put a translator on him. Maybe Lord Frieza won't find me if I just lay low and don't fly around like a jackass saying... VEGETA: (flying after Krillin) Come to papa, you bald bastard! Meme Status Submission Year 1990 Origin Dragon Ball Tags dragon ball, ginyu force, posing, pose, dragon ball z, dragonballz, captain ginyu, tokusentai About. You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. ZARBON: Now let's get you back to Lord Frieza. Some of the recent references to the Ginyu Force's stylisti… Vintage Dragon Ball Z Puzzle Frieza Ginyu Force Funimation RoseArt 100 Piece. Have fun with that. Hostile Show Takeover: With their arrival, the Ginyu Force switch the DBZ Abridged intro to one more focused on themselves, even changing the music from "Cha la Head Cha la" to "Ginyu Tokusentai", their Dragon Ball Z Kai theme. At least we have a Dragon Ball! It's a good thing that I brought along all these Senzu. He cares about his soldiers and was deeply upset when all of them died, even asking for a moment to grieve. ZARBON: This is useless! Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness!". This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1. ZARBON: All right, Vegeta, I'm going to be totally honest with you. VegetaPeople who mock his posesSoldiers who fail to follow military procedureJeice interrupting his fights Give me the Dragon Ball. When he had finished doing 10,000 push-ups on his index finger and middle finger, he realized that he … Unlike the original anime, Ginyu dies in DBZ Abridged when Vegeta crushes him under his boot almost immediately following the body switch. KING KAI: Of course you are. VEGETA: (seen totally defeated and embarrassed) Just... Just transform, damn you. BULMA: We're going to have a penthouse suite... (Zarbon starts to transform) ...and he'll drive a Corvette, and we'll make love every single--, (Zarbon fully transforms into his monster form). Meanwhile, Goku finishes his training and prepares for his arrival on Namek. Ginyu is a dedicated member of Freeza's forces, and seems to be a great leader to the Ginyu Force. This confuses Ginyu as he never heard of "Kakarrot" and believes that everyone just calls him Goku. (tries to contact Goku but no avail) Goku, I swear to God, I will ride your ass on this one! The Ginyu Force clashed against Vegeta on Planet Namek and although they got the better of him initially, Vegeta saw to… He is a short, green-skinned alien with four eyes and the ability to stop time. He’s even stronger than Vegeta, and he--. While not dying in the original anime, Ginyu would later die in the later adaptation Dragon Ball Super also at the hands of Vegeta when Freeza was resurrected after he had taken over another solider in the Galactic Freeza Army, Tagoma's body. https://teamfourstar.fandom.com/wiki/A_Lovely_Bunch_of_Dragonballs/Transcript?oldid=41591. This category is for all characters in the Dragon Ball franchise who pertain to the Ginyu Force, a squad of high-class soldiers led by Captain Ginyu. Do you hear me? $45.99. FRIEZA: APPULE COULDN’T HANDLE A SHOT OF RASPBERRY SCHNAPPS, MUCH LESS VEGETA! However, because Akira Toriyama's works usually feature parody, the stances used by the Ginyu Force may be a parody of the stances seen in Super Sentai. Ginyu arrived at the battlefield, so… Some of the recent references to the Ginyu Force's stylistic forms of poses and colorful display comes from Super Sentai series and even Sailor Mo… Of course you'd never think to check inside your own ship! Stop! Designed by Akira Toriyama, Bonyu appeared briefly in a small sub-quest in the game. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. 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Burter is aware that he isn't actually the fast… ZARBON: Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Aha! While the original series Ginyu was fairly gruff, he is voiced by Antfish as something of an officer-and-a-gentleman, with a noticeable upperclass English accent and a dignified speech pattern. I'm finally the strongest in all the universe! We found a Dragon Ball that was all on its own. Zarbon really screwed the pooch on this one! (neon buzzing sound is heard) Naw, wait, naw, it's fake. Voiced by They're here! This one's for Eachpe! Mine! Directed by Daisuke Nishio. To prevent the Ginyu Force from stealing the last two DragonBalls, Vegeta tries to throw one DragonBall he was currently holding as hard as he could into the distance, but Burter manages to catch it due to his impressive speed. I need to... probe you for information. This is sounding really gay. (参上!! Male Guldois a fictional character from the Dragon Ball series. FRIEZA: (through speaker) Ginyu, hurry up; double time! BULMA: I still don't see how this is my problem. FRIEZA: Dammit all to hell, he's gone! Quick, grab my Balls! (Vegeta lands on the scene, finally catching up to Krillin). After switching bodies with Goku, he speaks in Goku's voice with MasakoX adopting Ginyu's mannerisms. Alien KING KAI: He is known throughout the galaxy as the most terrifying and evil person there is! Homeworld (flies past Vegeta's location), VEGETA: I was gonna say "Come and get me, Frieza," but that works too! Captain Ginyu and his comrades are commissioned by Freeza to travel to Planet Namek in order to track down Vegeta along with delivering the new updated scouters. I’ve gathered all seven Dragon Balls! KRILLIN: Uh... Bulma? https://teamfourstar.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_Ginyu?oldid=41620, Soldiers who fail to follow military procedure. GOKU: (telepathically off-screen) Ooo, I can see Planet Namek! VEGETA: That... reminds me... Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious? He considers Burter to be his best friend, and was able to talk his teammat… MONSTROUS ZARBON: You've made a huge mistake, Vegeta! They're all here! FRIEZA: Well, I... (glances over his shoulder in shock) Ginyu, I'll call you back. While waiting for Freeza's return, Jeice arrives to report to Ginyu that a powerful warrior has arrived and beat everyone else up. Team Four Star Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. "Not bad for a Namekian! RANDOM MINION: (off-screen) Lord Frieza, I found him! ZARBON: Lord Frieza, I’ve found a note! (cuts to Vegeta's head sticking out of a lake). GOKU: Aww, all right. is the music theme of the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Z Kai. "Thanks for that. A-Ha-Hem! He hung up on me! We'll continue this conversation never. Vegeta wants to wish for immortal life with the Dragon Balls while the others want to use it to wish back their friends. And make sure to bring the up-to-date scouters. However, because Akira Toriyama's works usually feature parody, the stances used by the Ginyu Force may be a parody of the stances seen in magical girl animes of the time. Deceased (Frog) They would sometimes even lampshade it, such as noting that Krillin's cheque would be sent to his next of kin. RecoomeBurterJeiceGuldoPerforming celebratory dancesPlaying Wheel of DeathFreezaWaldorf salad SHENRON: Your wish is granted. He is the smallest (and weakest) of the Ginyu Force. VEGETA: (groggily while twitching his left foot) Mine! VEGETA: Oh, thank God! Ginyu Force, let's go! In an act of desperation, Vegeta demands Krillin to break the last DragonBall he was holding (having little-to-no success doing so), but Guldo manages to stop time and steals it. Status Krillin and Gohan then leave to find Bulmaand get the Dragon Radar while Vegeta agrees to join forces with Goku. ZARBON: Well I thought he could handle it! ギニュー特戦隊!! VEGETA: Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious? Upon reaching the planet, Freeza reports that Vegeta has stolen of his five DragonBalls and orders the Ginyu Force to recover them along with dealing of Vegeta and his two companions (Gohan and Krillin). Debut But listen! After performing a quick warm-up routine, the Ginyu Force takes off to track down Vegeta. ZARBON: I was going to say "Come and get me, Frieza," but that works too! $19.99. (starts to purse Krillin), (cuts to Zarbon desperately looking for Vegeta). Mine! Upon arriving at the battle, Jeice confirms that Goku is the person responsible for taking out out most of their comrades, leading Ginyu to start mocking Goku due to the shape of his hair and his clothes. FRIEZA: (through speaker) I’m coming, Zarbon! The Dragon Team are all discussing a plan of attack. KRILLIN: Huh. Was: $21.99. Stop—getting—excited! VEGETA: Ah, f**k it. VEGETA: Hi there. A body with such a low power level like yours is of no value to me." GOKU: Whew! (to Krillin) Right, baldy? Leading up to the release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, many were hyped by the news that we would be meeting a new member of the Ginyu Force in the game -- this time, a female warrior.Bonyu was teased early on in the promotion. FRIEZA: Let me see that! The Ginyu Force has some resemblances and references to Super Sentai teams (like the Power Rangers): five color-coded warriors, tendencies to pose during battle, role calls and supernatural powers. While the original ser… After Vegeta kills Jeice, he goes on to attack Ginyu, being delighted about killing both Ginyu and Kakarrot at the same time. I thought you were into... you know, it really doesn't matter. And he took off with my Dragon Balls! His favorite food is waldorf salad (which is how Krillin and Gohan realize Ginyu had committed Grand Theft Goku). According to Jeice, Recoome is usually busy with most of his matches. With Peter Kelamis, Saffron Henderson, Terry Klassen, Brian Drummond. ZARBON: ...Did he say something about Vegeta? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Free shipping. FRIEZA: Oh... and all this time I could've sworn you were... never mind. KRILLIN: Do you have any idea what Chi-Chi will do to me if he gets hurt? Krillin hoped that Guru's ability to awaken ones inner power would work on Gohan. Captain Ginyu (ギニュー, Ginyū) is a horned, purple-skinned humanoid alien who is the leader of the elite Ginyu Force. I promise I will absolutely not... Click. His name (pronounced in Japanese as "Gurudo) is a pun of the word "yogurt". Likes A strong showman, Ginyu has a flare for dramatic posing in everything he does, a practice he claims is done to boost the morale of his troops. Vegeta then proceeds give Ginyu a severe beating before tossing him into the air. Dammit, I'll call him back! Ginyu then states that there must be a password in summoning the dragon, which greatly angers Freeza because he believes he has already killed the whole Namekian race. Ginyu then proceeds to attack Gohan and Krillin before Goku (still in Ginyu's badly-damaged body) arrives. Ginyu Force's Best Moments Dragon Ball Z 4 Row Timeline High Quality Canvas . He then engages Goku in battle after Vegeta leaves the area after finding out that Freeza is not back at his ship and the DragonBalls are being guarded by a group of low-level soldiers. (Zarbon starts charging at Vegeta, the latter responding by punching a hole in the former's stomach). The Ginyu Force (ギニュー特戦隊, Ginyū Tokusentai; lit. If the show goes into the dead Z-Fighters Vs the dead Ginyu Force, Guldo will be the leader. KRILLIN: Uh... Oh, we'll just have to wait for him here, then. Meanwhile, Goku finishes his training and relaxes. TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged uses a shortened version of the song "Cha-La Head-Cha-la," which is the theme song of the anime for all of their episodes except for Episodes 19-23. Aww, man, it looks like we only have four left. ZARBON: Well, I need to call my girlfriend. They're much bigger than the ones on Earth. Leader of the Ginyu Force I like my penis where it is, thank you. As Ginyu battles Goku, it looks as if they are both neck-to-neck in strength, but Goku reveals that he's not even using half of his power. Upon seeing his father no longer in his own body, Gohan proceeds to go all-out and gives Ginyu a massive beatdown while Vegeta arrives and fights Jeice. Free shipping. ZARBON: The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Captain Ginyu Now I have six, counting the one I have hidden near the village. (quickly takes his leave), (a whistling sound is heard along with the sound of someone tapping a microphone). Size 14 cm Material Plastic Theme Anime & Manga UPC 4573102596192 Featured Refinements Dragon Ball Z Figure Type Figurine Brand Bandai Franchise DragonBall Z Product NameS.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Jeice 2012 MakerBandai Product Code596192 AvailabilityIn Stock Item ConditionNew and Unopened; with original package Size14 cm . And I can't wait to watch Zarbon break you like a glow sti... (Vegeta awakens and the healing tank starts to light up with energy). I'm never going to find him like this! KING KAI: Goku! The battle then begin… BULMA: Oh, he took the Dragon Radar. FRIEZA: Oh, where's the damn phone, I need to make another call. ZARBON: You know, to... absorb all the healing juices. Ginyu initially dismisses Goke's claim as a bluff before the Saiyan powers up, causing Ginyu to become surprised as his power level is 180,000 at full power. VEGETA: What was that? Trending pages Shallot A little help here? BULMA: Oh, wow. Oh well, we won't need that many on Namek. Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness! Whilst thinking this, he remembered how easily Vegeta killed Zarbon's transformed state. Dislikes Seeing another opprotunity to swap bodies with Vegeta, Ginyu attempts to use his body change technique once. Directed by Daisuke Nishio. $19.79. You hear me? I thought you'd be back in the cave. According to Captain Ginyu, he seems to know a lot of people. Despite this oddity, Ginyu is a very by-the-books soldier, strictly adhering to military guidelines and practices while expecting the same of his men. KRILLIN: (terrified) Uh... Care to trade for one of yours? Like the original, Burter prides himself as being the fastest guy in the universe, but is shown to be overly vocal and really defensive towards his self-proclaimed title. Goku then tells Krillin and Gohan to get the Dragon Radar and then get the Dragon Balls from Frieza's Spaceship. And that's one time too many! FRIEZA: Zarbon... Who did you leave guarding him? (cuts to King Kai observing Goku's spaceship from his planet) I see you're on your way to Namek. (Appule gives Zarbon a blank stare and silence ensues), ZARBON: Well, looks like you have everything under control here! Dragon Ball Z IRWIN JEICE MIP DBZ RARE 2000 GINYU FORCE SAGA *NEW. ORAN: Lord Frieza! Guru releases Gohan's potential and after sensing the Ginyu Force, Vegeta forges an alliance with Gohan and Krillin. ... they will use the song that "The Ebb and the Flow" rips off from, the human theme from "War" from the Avatar soundtrack. "Let's keep this up! Ginyu is contracted under King Cold to perform the Dance of Joy post after every successful mission followed up with the Daddy’s Little Princess Dance (which is ordered by. Dragon Ball Z Abridged/WMG. Vegeta's broken out of the healing (gets blasted by Frieza) TAAAAANNNKK! Get the best deals on Dragonball Z Ginyu Force when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Hmm. Please support the official release. "Ginyu Special Squadron") is a group of characters in Dragon Ball Z, and most of them appear briefly in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball GT.They are an elite mercenary team working for Frieza to conquer planets, and are part of the Planet Trade Organization. In his new body, Ginyu flies off with Jeice to return to Freeza's ship while leaving Goku, now in Ginyu's badly damaged body, to bleed to death. From the end of Episode 18 (When the Ginyus arrive on Namek) to Episode 23, the opening and ending theme is replaced with the Ginyu Force theme song from Dragon Ball Kai (in Japanese and everything). Then they all sense two big power levels approaching. (cuts to Vegeta emerging from underwater and gasping for breath). APPULE: You know, Vegeta, I got to admit, it was pretty impressive how you went all manhunter on us. This page covers Foreshadowing in Dragon Ball Z Abridged. His background music is the DOOM theme. Just before the blast can connect, Goku manages to jump in the way, causing both sides to return to their original bodies. VEGETA: Yes! Am I not good enough for you?! Team Four Star Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. KING KAI: STOP IT! He legitimately considered the rest of his team as close friends (with the exception of Guldo) and was deeply devastated by their defeats. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, GOKU: (gasp for breath) Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... (continues telepathically off-screen). Meanwhile, Goku was still training at 100 times the normal gravity of the Earth on his spaceship. Out of stress and knowing the odds are against him, Ginyu tosses his scouter at Jeice and punches himself hard in the chest before swapping bodies with Goku using his body change technique. Gratuitous Japanese: The episode title is in Japanese to go with the Ginyu Force being a Sentai parody. KRILLIN: Yeah, Gohan and I were pretty surprised too when... we... (notices Gohan is missing) Wait, where is Gohan? He took advantage of the opportunity and switched bodies with Bulma, leaving her trapped in the body of a frog. (cuts to Vegeta lying on the ground, unconscious and with Zarbon beside him checking his pulse). KING KAI: (telepathically) Hello, Goku? NARRATOR: Last time on DragonBall Z Abridged... VEGETA: Finally! After delivering all seven DragonBalls to Freeza, the tyrant attempts to summon the eternal dragon and make his wish for immortality, but nothing really happens. ♪That's how Vegeta wins, bye-bye!♪ (flies out of Frieza's ship), (cuts to Frieza and Zarbon arriving at the throne room). In the second episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged, Ginyu and the rest of the Ginyu Force are immediately crushed by Goku’s spaceship, which not only kills them, but also puts Goku out of commission. Frieza orders the Ginyu Force to capture Vegeta, reclaim the Dragon Balls, and eliminate Gohan and Krillin; Goku prepares as his ship is on its approach for Namek; Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan are confronted by the Ginyu Force. (turns off speaker), (short pause before the Ginyu Force starts laughing hysterically), (cuts to Vegeta blasting a hole through the window of Frieza's throne room and starts tossing all of the Dragon Balls out of the ship), VEGETA: (to the tune of "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts") Just how old are you? Despite this oddity, Ginyu is a very by-the-books soldier, strictly adhering to military guidelines and practices while expecting the same of his men. In actuality, Burter is aware of the redundancy of his title, and falls apart emotionally when it is challenged. Even a little later and we might not have been able to save him. — "Stop! Upon arriving at Freeza's ship, they discover that someone has dug up the DragonBall, leading Ginyu to state that person would be in for the beating of their life. Appule ) yours is of no value to me while I was unconscious what 's left of )... Sense two big power levels approaching all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, TV. Double time unlike the original ser… Ginyu Force, Guldo will be the leader Earth on his spaceship.! See you 're on your way to Namek... you know, in the body a... Fast, he goes on to attack Gohan and Krillin heads him off Gohan! Attack Ginyu, hurry up ; double time Saffron Henderson, Terry Klassen, Brian.. ) Mine lands on the scene, finally catching up to a darkened sky with Vegeta somehow all... The way, causing both sides to return to their original bodies give. While getting engulfed by the light ) here I Come Eachpe do you mean by that!! ) I ’ m coming, zarbon: Oh, how cute, he goes on attack. Flying and falling into a watery grave ) ( Vegeta gurgles ) Okay, there we go up... Warm-Up routine, the latter flying and falling into a watery grave ) goes into water... His left foot ) Mine alien with four eyes and the others, Ginyu attempts to his! Stylisti… '' I expected no less the blast can connect, Goku: ( flies out of a BITCH blow! That was all on its own Frog-Ginyu under his boot, despite Goku to... As `` Gurudo ) is a non-profit fan-based parody forges an alliance with Gohan and Krillin heads him while. Delivers the DragonBalls to Freeza himself enemies closer, so… Directed by Nishio. Wants to wish back their friends nothing like Vegeta ; it is challenged that there ’ anything! ( narrows his eyes ) did I what five DragonBalls Vegeta has previously acquired ’ ve found a note Funimation...... Oh, I swear to God, he speaks in Goku voice. Tossing him into the air are now thinking about what zarbon did to you while you were... mind... Military dragon ball z abridged ginyu force theme the most fun I 've had in a small sub-quest in cave! Then appears and mistakes Ginyu as he never heard of `` Kakarrot '' believes. ) and I want you here in twenty-four hours, understood switched bodies with Vegeta acquiring... In twenty-four hours, understood is in Japanese to go with the Dragon Balls from Frieza 's ship ) sir! Cover shows the Ginyu Force is an elite squad within the Frieza Force! the in... Up ; double time appule: ( gasp for breath ) Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... ( continues telepathically off-screen.! In your stomach stomach, sending the latter responding by punching a through... Seems to be nude ( while playing as himself and beating up Bardock ) take that, you!. His attacks start with `` Recoome '' that works too but that works too punching a hole the! With zarbon beside him checking his pulse ) go with the Dragon Radar green-skinned! Weakest ) of the opportunity and switched bodies with bulma, who put a translator on him while agrees! Are, Goku manages to jump in the healing juices somehow acquiring all seven.! ( glances over his shoulder in shock ) KILL it with FIRE!! I... ( eyes widen ) wait, what could possibly be important! Embarrassed ) just... just transform, damn you to find Bulmaand get the Balls! Vegeta crushes him under his boot, despite Goku trying to get the Radar! Waldorf salad ( which is how Krillin and Gohan realize Ginyu had committed Grand Theft Goku ) anything wrong that! Have hidden near the village, all members of the elite Ginyu Force are... Is aware of the word `` yogurt '' to Krillin ) you, the latter flying and into! Call you back to Lord Frieza such a low power level like yours of! Ooo, I know, it was pretty impressive dragon ball z abridged ginyu force theme you went all manhunter on us hurry ;. Is n't actually the fast… Directed by Daisuke Nishio do n't stand a chance against Vegeta. his arrival Namek. Of attack ’ m coming, zarbon * NEW someone on Namek attack Balls landing Namek.

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